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Food Intolerances

Life with food intolerances...

Can be difficult and can make simple day to day decisions a little more complicated. Understanding what you can eat, searching labels for dreaded hidden ingredients, maybe learning how to bake from scratch, just so you can still have a special treat once in while, and eating out?!? What a nightmare!!

We have many friends who have food intolerances, we know how many culinary trips out can start off with hopeful expectations but often lead to frustration, disappointment and more often than not, a slightly rumbly stomach.

Friends find it difficult to accommodate, or worse try to pretend that cheese isn’t a dairy product!! It can be hard to see eyes rolled in your direction as you ask for a decaff soya latte or a gluten-free alternative. Searching for something vegetarian that doesn't solely consist of cheese and pickle can seem like a fruitless challenge, and after it all you can become known as the 'dreaded vegan'.

But fear not my intolerant buddies...

We have created a safe-haven for you!

At the Lookout On The Quay, we strive to provide you with delicious goodies in an atmosphere where you can hold your head high, and truly enjoy that well deserved piece of brownie. Here we celebrate the different and attempt to cater for all dietary needs, constantly seeking to source beautiful produce at reasonable prices, even down to a truly tasty, gluten-free lager, served chilled in a tall glass

So if you want to meet some friends in a funky and comfortable atmosphere, and fancy our famous sparkling cream tea with a gluten-free scone, with dairy-free spread and a dollop of strawberry jam on top, then we can do that for you!

If we don't have it, stock it or haven't thought of it, then ask us and we will always do our best to get it in, or create it for you.

Come and celebrate the sunshine with us, listen to the music and relax, safe in the knowledge that we will look after you.