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Private Parties

Your choice of food and drink on a per person basis, with music of your choice in a fun and funky atmosphere - ideal for small and intimate gatherings.

Future 'pop up evenings'

To include Mexican and Carribbean cuisine. Places will be limited, menu will be displayed in the cafe, on our Facebook page and on the website. Tickets available to purchase in advance from the cafe. More details to follow...keep a lookout 

Pop up evenings at The Lookout on the Quay

Pop up restaurants are quickly becoming an alternative to traditional dining out, particularly in this challenging economic climate. We realise that for many people, pop up evenings will be something they haven’t come across before, but we hope that this won’t deter people from exploring this new and exciting eating-out concept. Let us explain how pop up restaurants work, and why they’ve become so popular!

A pop up night isn’t an event that takes place each week, it literally ‘pops up’ every now and then. You could attend a pop up evening and find that the cook is an up-and-coming chef, or maybe someone that has a passion for cooking but who doesn’t want to run a full time eatery. This means that such an evening will always offer a unique and exciting experience, that will be different and varied for each event. Pop up events are for a limited number of people who buy their tickets in advance.

Imagine the excitement of sampling a one-off opportunity pop up night at The Lookout on the Quay!

Future pop up nights will include- Caribbean cuisine, tapas night and Mexican cuisine. Keep an eye, or an ear out for them!


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